Player count is still equalling zero in 4.19

The player count doesn’t seem to be updating in UE4 v4.19, followed the lectures through a few times over and checked the code via the changes link and still no dice! Not sure whats going on. Even after updating SESSION_NAME to “Game”

Data.CurrentPlayers = Data.MaxPlayers - SearchResult.Session.NumOpenPublicConnections;

always returns 0. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

I’ve also downloaded the entire project from github and built it for 4.19 and the same issue occurs.

I built the full project and ran it on two separate machines via steam instead of the null subsystem and it works. Seems to be a problem using the null system on local machines.

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Yeah, not sure the null subsystem implements this.

Ah fair enough, easy enough to do it through Steam anyway. Thank you =)

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The reason is that the name for the default game session changed from “Game” to “GameSession” in 4.19.2 no idea of the version before. So use “GameSession” and it should work for now.

To be on the safe side don’t define your own session name but use the unreal session default session name directly.
Which means, replacing all your entries of SESSION_NAME with NAME_GameSession.
NAME_GameSession is a unreal EName enum entry and will be converted to whatever the name may be.


For those who need it do a find and replace SESSION_NAME with NAME_GameSession and comment out the declaration of const static SESSION_NAME. Just to add more clarity if the above wasn’t enough.

Just another hint for those using Ue5. It didnt work for me until I built and then used power shell only. Not just live coding (which has been working previously)

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