Periscope Challenge


Periscope down! This was a fun challenge, as its starting to feel like I’m developing a pretty useful skill-set :smiley:

I think I over complicated the maths in placing the base @ (0,0,0), but got there without too much trouble.

To try for next similar task: set 3d-cursor to midpoint between wedges before spawning the cube so it is created in the correct location. HOWEVER, I guess that relies on you wanting a cube of default dimensions?

Here’s my periscope!

Here is my periscope i had to change my ration setting to flip my lower wedge but i got the job done.

I think I might have learned something on this one. Yes I can see where planning will be become more important as we go down the road.

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Here’s my Periscope. I had some issues doing this on my own. Couldn’t figure out how to rotate/flip my object. Watched how the instructor did it and he helped me a lot. I ended up doing the process all over again to make sure I could do it faster and understand my mess ups.


My brain hurts… Feel like I’m trying to re invent the wheel…


One More for the Periscope club

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This is my periscope :slight_smile:

LOL! Me too.

Here is my effort. I removed some faces to give it a sense of where you look in and see out. I also removed two interior faces so that the model is actually a hollow tube all the way through.


As I keep going in the course my results are very different XD

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Periscope fun!

Paused the video a bit early, so I got a slightly different result. It’s a bit longer, and I thought I was supposed to place the periscope’s origin at 0,0,0. Overall I think this is OK. :slight_smile:

This is my Periscope challenge. I did this a little different. I just edited the cube from the edges to make the periscope shape and I also did the periscope the lesson way. This course is a lot of fun.


I did the same thing! Much easier to spawn a cube and stretch a few edges up… Still was good practice to edit the cubes and join them etc.

Here’s my Periscope! Good practice working with multiple meshes and joining them.

my Periscope challenge

and joind Periscope challenge

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