Partner request 0900-1630 UTC Week days

Hey folks,

Seeing as there aren’t many partner request here yet, I thought I would make myself available to help test some of your early games. Drop a reply if you need a play test with a suggested time.

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Hey Sam – would be cool to do a quick play test and take you up on your offer – how about Friday Nov 7 at 3PM UTC?

I’m curious to see the latency of the network between Toronto and the UK.


Sorry Ben, was away for a bit. Happy to reschedule to another time.

Hi – I actually got the date wrong – I meant Friday Nov 10th (tomorrow) at 3PM UTC.


Bah! Sorry, didn’t check back in time. How about this Friday instead?

Hi Ben,
I am up for a round of playtesting if you haven’t done it yet. I am from Mumbai, so the latency test should be interesting to note.

I think Ben’s request was still open.

Looking to playtest with someone too

I can try. What’s your free slot?
I’m available 8-10pm IST ( Apologies for non UTC time, I’m commuting)

I’m available this weekend Saturday and Sunday between 6 and 12 pm Alaska time zone, that’s one hour ahead of Hawaii. I also got a level to play test with, it’s lengthy, but should be fun to try out with everyone.

Can you play test with me Sam.
Available time : 12:00pm - 3:00pm UTC (weekend)
Available time : 2pm - 3:30pm UTC (week day)
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