Over 100MB problem


Pretty sure I’m following all the instructions correctly.

Site keeps uploading for a long time and then says it can’t upload because file is over 100 mb.

I right click file and view properties and it’s only 5MB.


Could you upload your 5mb zipped file here so I can have a look Colton?


Star Wars Hacker - Web.zip (5.5 MB)



I see that you have both spaces and a hyphen in the project name. Rename this so that when the games builds they are not included in the filenames and then retry the upload process.

Updated Tue Jun 05 2018 16:14

In fact, I was able to successfully upload your original zip file, with the spaces/hyphen in place, although typically it is good to avoid these, here’s the URL;

The processing took the best part of a minute perhaps, certainly no more.


Thanks so much. I wonder why I’m having trouble uploading from my house.

I’ll make the name changes to the project and retry tonight. I have tweaked the way the game works anyway so it’s a new version.


No worries.

Could be a number of things.

You could try itch.io also, see if you experience the same problems there.

Perhaps check if you have any anti virus/firewall software running which might be intercepting your upload.

Of course, you did manage to upload the file here…

Did you try http://www.sharemygame.com or https://www.sharemygame.com?


I don’t remember. Which ever one was linked to in the original unity course.


Ah, if it was linked then it should be ok. It was just a thought, as I tapped the address in on my mobile and I noticed there wasn’t a padlock icon, it didn’t auto-redirect to HTTPS etc… just wondered if perhaps a non-secure connection could have been the issue.

When trying to Run&Build I get an error message

Uploaded successfully after changing the project name and rebuilding to a folder name without spaces or or hyphen!

Thanks for the help Rob!


Glad you have been able to upload yoir game successfully.