OpenGL or DirectX C++ tutorial

I have yet to see anything like this in the form of a “project based” tutorial.

I know DirectX is much more feature rich than OpenGL and achieving the same functionality with OpenGL would require a lot more than just OpenGL.

However there is currently nothing on the market that walks people though making something from scratch with a graphics API.

I think there is probably a unaddressed / untapped audience that would like see it.


Can I also suggest Vulkan and putting this in with the game engine from scratch suggestion?


Yes, would love to know more about what goes into making an engine. Can’t find a good video tutorial for the same.

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I would love OpenGL c++ course. There are many course in it on internet sadly. It is not the easiest thing to understand but very powerful and must know for anyone interested in graphics

I would like to study comprehensive DirectX12 course that also teaches real time ray tracing using the new DXR etc.

OpenGL c++ course ?

I think that would cover important stuff needed for guys interested in graphics programming.


Can we open a new ticket for OpenGL ? Also since is supporting Godot so much, an openGL course will facilitate in making potential contributors for Godot Engine.

No need, there’s one here : OpenGL or DirectX C++ tutorial

One has already been suggested, here : OpenGL or DirectX C++ tutorial

I’d like to suggest this overlaps with Build your Own Game Engine! sufficiently we should merge the ideas, you ok with that?


As Apple have now dropped OpenGL I believe that Vulkan should be used as Vulkan has some wrappers that go from Vulkan to Metal.
Of course there is always an argument to keep native to each OS, ie DX for Windows, Metal for Apple OS and Vulkan for Android

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