Only works when a particular computer is the server, not the other way around

I’m testing with NULL on 2 Windows computers on the same LAN (Steam sessions logged out). If computer A creates the server, computer B properly finds and joins the session. However, if computer B creates the server, computer A cannot find any sessions to join. Using the same package on both computers. Any idea what might cause this?

That does make sense. You need to fix the address of the server computer otherwise the client doesn’t know where to connect to.

I thought that was the job of the Online Subsystem :worried:. Where do I need to fix the address of the server computer exactly? I browsed through the lessons but couldn’t find any references to fixing the server address.

For Steam, yes absolutely. The Null Subsystem is different however. The client needs to know the Address of the computer to be able to connect to the server.

Why it works with Steam, EOS, Apple, Facebook and all others are that they are going through a central system which enables you determine the address of the computer you need to connect to. They create a session and publish it on the relevant OSS.

NULL is lan based and is why bLanQuery gets set to true for the NULL OSS.

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