OnlinesubsystemSteam Packaged Project fine but Batch project only NULL

Hi, I ´m using UE5.3.1 and run into an issue i don´t really understand.

When packaging the project and run it…
Steam Overlays coming, SubsystemName is displayed and OnCreateSessionComplete returns 1 so everything is fine BUT

when I´m running the batch from previous lecture it doesnt connect to steam and always sets the NULL SubsystemName and i would like to know why its not working on my side but on instructor side :wink:

Its not a full stop but i really don´t like issues without a clue about why it happens

Thanx 4 any reply

I do believe there are a few glitches with steam in 5.3.1 so you have to test steam with a packaged build. I’m aware of other students with similar issues and packaging usually works. These issues are not present in 5.2 (the course was recorded using 5.2 and we normally recommend you use the same version to follow) as far as I know which is why it is shown to work.

I will let the Instructor know about this and will double-check myself to see if it is indeed 5.3 specific.

many thanks in advance Beegeedee :slight_smile:

I know its recommend to use the same version as the instructor but always use this as an mini challenge for myself to use only one version installed on my system to solve possible problems but here i just didn´t find anything to solve BUT as mentioned before its not a show stopper just needs more time to test things :wink:

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