OnlineSubsystem EOS

Has Anyone tried to use Epic Online subsystem for testing…what are the changes i will need to make…also…i checked the documentation…how to rebuild engine on mac

Hi there and welcome to the community.

At the time of the course content being created, the Epic Online System didn’t exist. Until recently it was still in beta so it hasn’t been explored at all. I imagine the same principles apply but the settings for multiplayer will most likely be different so will take a bit of experimenting to get right.

There are probably a few videos on youtube and possibly material in the Unreal Learning platform showing how to do this but it is a relatively new service. I don’t believe there are plans to update the course showing the EOS.

I hope this answers your question.

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Here’s what steps i took…
After changing DefaultEngine.ini to test for steam on 2 different machines,i removed OnlineSubsystemSteam from build.cs and packaged the project for iOS.i included all three maps.OSS for iOS was already enabled and i didnt change DefaultEngine.ini because iOS OSS was set in iOS engine.ini…i uploaded in test flight and tested …It is not hosting

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I’m actually not familiar at all with anything IOS as i don’t have any or have access to apple products. The specifics of each OSS will vary but the principles are the same. It is possible that you need a server for this to work but like steam there are also, most likely, a few settings that have to be different too.

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Thanks Anyways.really appreciate it