Online subsystem being NULL and Steam at the same time

After test this session i run into a log output that I don’t quite understand.

When the online subsystem is initialized, its name is NULL as the log says:

[2021.09.11-08.20.40:041][ 0]LogTemp: Warning: Found online subsystem: NULL

But after trying to host a game, there is a reference to the steam online subsystem and the log displays the following:

[2021.09.11-08.20.47:886][895]LogOnlineSession: Warning: STEAM: No game present to join for session (GameSession)

What do you think it’s happening here? Can you have multiple online subsystems activated at once? Is it only a feature of all subsystems to rely on NULL if anything goes wrong?

Should I consider this case as “steam online subsystem working” so I can move on the next lesson?

If you enabled steam, you shouldn’t be seeing the online subsystem as the NULL subsystem.

Are you running via the editor or from command-line?

Hi Raulillo,
I’ve been looking into this for a different issue for someone else and came across this.
Check the bEnabled is set to true in the DefaultEngine.ini is set to true. The file is in the config folder and you’ll find it under [OnlineSubsystemSteam]

Let me know if this helps.

Sorry for the late response, my graphic card died and I was busy solving that first.

I have checked it and bEnabled is set to true. My current DefaultEngine.ini is the following





























It’s a weird error because other than the log message, everything is working as it should. I can connect and host. Maybe it says it’s null because it’s still initializing the whole connection?

Are the logs from running from the command prompt or editor?

It happens both ways

I wouldn’t let this hold you up. The course can be done with just the NULL Subsystem if you want. I’m still looking into it for 4.27 so if I find a solution, I will post an update.