Old input system depricated

I just updated to Unreal 5.1 and tried to redo this part of the course and I cant because the Axis and Actions of the old Input system is now depricated.
Maybe there is some way around that but it seems like a good time to do some updates to the course to use the new input system.

I’m trying to solve it myself, as its a good challange, but some newer devs might need some directions :slight_smile:

You can still use the input system and it does work. At this time it is just a warning but I suspect in the next release or two, it will be disabled completely.

As it happens, we generally recommend you follow the course with the same version i.e. UE 5.0

5.1 is a bit unstable as well and also now has the new input system. The course is most likely going to be updated at some point but it will take some time as the new input system is quite involved. It may not happen until 5.2 is released.


If someone wants to use the new system (though the old one still works, as mentioned), I wrote up one way to do it here for the ToonTanks part of the course. I also just followed the same methodology here, and it works fine.
Just leaving this here for information, in case someone wants to give it a go with some guidance

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If you are interested in a great series of videos that explain how to use the new input system I suggest you watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIo97TLsXkY&t=1s

That is a great series. Steve Ullibari does a great job of explaining the videos. He also did the First Person Blueprints and Toon Tanks remaster.

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You keep being awesome. Thanks for this.

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