Oh, those hands :(

Full project progress can be viewed at my repo.

The hands, at best, look like oven mitts. I had to just stop and trust that we will get back to them in a later lecture. I am getting to the point where I noped out last time through this course. Tablet makes it better, but I would like to see nicer. Got to up the resolution to make things smoother, but Grant said not to. So here I am. Not entirely pleased but there is slight progress.

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Sculpting very much needs the basic shapes all over first, then move up a level of detail. Not get perfect hands before the rest is being done to the same level.

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Google for “How to Draw Hands” and there are plenty of reference images. What I did (for human hands, which is a good start even for the orc) was make a hand as a separate object, and oversized as well. I used Snake Hook to pull out fingers (it’s easier than making mitts and then trying to cut them). Then you can shrink it and attach and mirror it, and sculpt it in, making adjustments to orc-ify it. Remesh will help merge the hand with the arm.

Reference I used:


Still not fully pleased with what I have, but it is much better. I went into edit mode, put on the tourniquets, selected all vertices in the hand and used my axe to chop them off. Object mode to put a new cube in and make a new hand. Here is the result of this work. About 30 minutes of sculpting, joining, and fixing the wrist.

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