Numerical interval - movement on the x axis from eg.-10 to 10

hi, I just finished this lesson, but I have little a problem, I try to make my object move after X axis from -10 to 10 and I have no idea how to do it (just want to upgrade something), someone could suggest a hint? to finish it? I understood everything so far, but I have a problem with solving this.

Hi Jakub,

Could you share your approach here and a screenshot or a sketch of what you want to achieve here? If What is -10 and 10? The relative offset or absolute World Space x-coordinates?

yesterday I was reading the documentation and I asked on the discord about it and we found the solution to do it, it’s Vector3.Lerp what i need. for now i’ve got 3 object which move with the mouse in the numerical range (its small parallax effect)

Nice. :slight_smile:

Does everything work now as expected?

yes, I am very happy :slight_smile: the first stage is over :slight_smile:

That looks really awesome! Well done! :slight_smile:

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