Not the best approach

I enjoyed this course for the most part, but this approach of constantly fumbling around with the code for the Scarfy game is a bit annoying. When teaching someone new, a more complex subject, you need to give small incremental challenges with a well define and concrete goal so there is a sense of achievement and closure. Some of the concepts like structs, functions should have been taught in a new game, instead of crammed in the Scarfy lessons and ending up changing the same code several times.


i agree, it feels like at some points that I’m in the completely wrong section.

well i like this way because this way we make a good programmed game he is also explain better how to program better and why is it better

I see where you’re coming from, but in a professional sense this can actually simulate what it’s like to work on a project.

You will be shifting around code regularly as issues come up or the overall design gets changed. Game Development is always in flux until it’s not.

i think the problem with rewriting code by creating abstraction is that it doesnt feel right because it ends up creating more work than saving in the context of some of the examples (e.g. going from unformalized object to struct to array of our structs). but the general principle is fine. for me personally i wish every lesson would have significantly more work tied to it, its very small scale already. making it even more piecemeal would significantly reduce the value of the class (imho).

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