Not seeing "Status" appear in debugging

When I run my program in debugging, I am not seeing a Status variable appear in the “Auto” window. I have tried moving my break point around, but have had no luck. I’m sure I am missing something simple…any ideas?

Update: After some very helpful troubleshooting with Superwig (aka DanW) in the Discord Dev channel, I was able to isolate this issue to my debugging environment. Somehow, even though I was in “Debug” and not “Release” mode, my debugger was behaving with Release optimizations and not showing me all the normal debug info. After I created a new “Debug2” config and switched to that, everything performed as expected!

Big thanks to the GameDev.TV community, especially on Discord, for the help!

You set me to Wumbo :frowning:

Thank you for this fix, was starting to stress out that status was not showing, only to see that I was set on release not debug, you pointed me to the right spot, Thanks!

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