Not quite an orc

Ended up making this cool guy instead.
Any suggestions?


Great model.
Seeing it does give me the impression you’ve designed it not a ‘T’ or ‘A’-pose.
If so, try to add an armature and use Mixamo to animate it.


Thank you for your reply.
It’s already rigged, I posed him like that for the picture.
Is it possible to upload animations?

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Pretty cool! I plan to do my own thing instead of the orc possibly as well. I have a question about your model though, how did you go about doing the hair?


The easiest way is to use gif.
Here is short tip how you can do it if you are not sure:

Alternative would be uploading video to YouTube and posting link here. (But for short anims, like walk cycle gif is better imo.)


Thank you!
It’s particle hair. There is a tab in the properties editor (the menu on the right of the viewport) that’s called Particle properties.
By adding a particle system, you can make a hair emitting surface.
I found this little tutrorial that explains it better, hope it helps.

I don’t know if you can export it to a game engine just like that, though


Thanks, it worked, I think!
Look at him go!


Puss in Boots, Great character.


Very nice! Good character with distinctive style :slight_smile:

Are the eyes emissive? Did you try to make them highly reflective, like real cats? It looks good as is, Im just wondering how would reflection cut it :wink:

Considering hair system: no, you cant export it to game engine. Engines have their own particle systems. One would have to convert it to mesh, and that’s not very straightforward afaik. Or you can reconstruct hair system in Unity/Unreal with internal system like this one:


Yeah that’s what I tried to do, but the only way I can think of to make it more realistic would be to manually keyframe the emission strength each time the character looked directly at the camera or close to it. But I don’t know if that’s really viable.

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