Not launching to new map on join command

My second player stays in lobby after launching.

void UPuzzlePlatformGameInstance::Join(const FString& Address)
	UEngine* Engine = GetEngine();
	if (!ensure(Engine != nullptr)) return;

	Engine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(0, 5, FColor::Green, FString::Printf(TEXT("Joining %s"), *Address));

	APlayerController* PlayerController = GetFirstLocalPlayerController();
	if (!ensure(PlayerController != nullptr)) return;

	PlayerController->ClientTravel(Address, ETravelType::TRAVEL_Absolute);

Apologies for the lateness of the reply.
Have you checked against the code in github to ensure you’ve not missed anything?

From what I can see with the code you’ve shared looks correct so it must be code elsewhere that is causing the problem.