Not Getting anything in the Output Log

I am not getting the Health info in the Output log…

here are my codes :

Have you tried adding logs to see where it could fail at? e.g. after line 55 check if it succeeded.

There Success value is “true” because I am getting the emmitter successfully.

And where else did you add logs?

I used to have logs for the key press which I removed later and used to have DebugPoint which seems to be working so I commented it out.
Later I added a log here to know the name of the actor and now the Whole thing Works!
But I still Don’t Get it why it is working only after I added a Log here which is of no use anyway.
Can i know what exactly is the problem.

Probably just needed to rebuild or restart the editor. Would be my guess at least.

Yeah I have done Rebuilding and Recompiling and Restarting several times…
Sometimes it feels like No one can guess how the Engine behaves sometimes. :grin:

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