No Navigation Window (course could do with an update)

If you are stuck like me without being able to find the Navigation window, the latest version of Unity doesn’t appear to have it as standard.

I had to import the AI Navigation package from the Unity Registry, then go to Windows>AI>Navigation (Obsolete) to open the correct window with the Bake option.

As some feedback, this course could really do with an update. There are a few moments where it refers to obsolete things where I’ve had to google a way around, or just ignore the instructions given and figure it out myself. I know have just launched a new multiplayer series using UGS, but there still seems to be a lot of support in the community for Mirror (potentially more than UGS!) so it would be great to have a small refresh of this course too.

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Hello Everyone!
Correct. I have just installed the NavMesh using PackageManager and through the Registry.
I like this course and logically all systems are the same. What do I mean by that?
All of them assume you are running a remote station and have to somehow connect with other computers. Usually they do use server-client architecture so they have to somehow deal with things like authority and transport issues. (Synchronization and validation).
I am planning to upgrade my network understanding by doing all the network courses on GameDev as this way will help me to see what is essential and not and also different ways to approach interfacing with client/server, programmer/system (known as hermetization ,I believe)… So, how much I can tweak and adjust and how much is done for me. Absolute AI is like going for cup of tea or coffee and talking to AI assistant and telling this what you want “your” product look like and the machine does it all but the idea I believe is to be able to grow and take part in the process as much as possible and as little as comfortable. Or perhaps the other way round.
Thanks for reading that far if you did and yes, some update would be greatly appreciated… I like MIrror and I think it is good to have some options not just something that is perhaps the best but we are essentially stuck with it because we do lack strong engineering background to mess with some stuff. Doing two or so projects with actually different network engines allows us to understand networking much more… .Have a great time!

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