No longer networking

Hi there I hope that you are well. Thanks for the amazing resources. My game was working fine and I have only added the spawn points and now the game no longer connects online.

When I do a build and run I host from the game and then on the build the lobbies appears as correct but it no longer joins the game.

If I click on join again it just says the same. As soon as I click refresh it then shows that there are two in the game.

Unfortunately it just stays on the screen.

The build says it is there but the second player clone does not appear on the game.

The same problem occurs when you run the game from the build and join in the game. The message at The bottom says that player is already a member of the lobby but never goes to the game.

This is the code I added for the spawn points script which is a direct copy of the resources section.

this is the code for the network server I only added lines 36 and 37

The code was working before and I copy and paste the code from the resources.

It was working fine and this was the last build and run working from the last section

The last time I worked on it was the end of January and it was fine.

I am signed in so that is not the issue

Many thanks for you help and keep up the amazing work.
Have a great day.



When I host from the build on the game side it says that it failed to connect to the server.

When I host from the build and try and join the lobby from the game I have not changed anything from the message above but it says the following.



Hi there,
Sorry you are having trouble.
Hmm, I’m not quite sure where this is going wrong, would you like to upload your project here and I can take a look?

The game does seem to load on the UGS server just not when you try and join. this is the activity from today when I was trying to get it to work.

Hi there

I am really sorry for wasting your time. My PC at home broke so I have been trying to fix this at work for a while. My new Pc has just arrived and I set up Unity on it tonight and everything seems to be working as it should. Nothing has changed on my original version so I am not sure why it does not work at my workplace which is a college. Thanks again for all your great work and support. The only difference is I had to put in new names for the player so will look at this at work tomorrow. Many thanks and sorry again. Tim

No worries, glad you got it working!

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