Ninja Bomb Drop

My game is called Ninja Bomb Drop and is available for FREE on both the Apple iOS Platform ( and the Android Platform (

FYI - I finished Ben and Brice’s Unity course in Late December 2014, before Glitch Garden replaced Ghoul Garden and before HyperPaddle was retired.

If you download and play my game, you will recognize a few of the components from the course. The bucket movements of my game are based on the code from the Brick Breaker lessons (paddle movement). The Ninja’s movements and bomb dropping actions were inspired from Laser Defender. The score system was based on Ghoul Garden and Hyperpaddle. I just wanted to show you guys that things you learn in the course can be used in your games as well.


I cannot play your game. There is “Unfortunately game stopped” error when I choose anything from the menu. I’m using android.

Worked fine on Samsung Galaxy S6. Great art style, gameplay is a bit meh but I’m probably not your target market.

Interesting you’ve used Google Ads, I’ve not seen any games posted that use Unity Ads. Any particular reason you chose one over the other?

@he.lukasz - This is a common error on Android… If you Google “Android Unfortunately app has stopped” you will get tons of possible fixes. Most will tell you to clear the cache on the phone and the app itself. Here’s one that’s pretty helpful.

@jradvan - Thanks for downloading my game. I chose Google Ads because it was pretty easy to incorporate in my game. Initially for the iOS version I used iADs from Apple, but Apple’s iADs did not work in certain countries. I switched the iOS version to Google Ads.

BTW: Apple will discontinue the iADs program on June 30, 2016.

It’s good to check other ads companies. Some of them have better eCPM revenues but sometimes the ads variety becomes lower especially in “poor” countries.

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