Ninja Bomb Drop - v.2.0

Was finally able to update my game (using Unity 5.6.3f). Been busy with the Blender course and the Unity VR course.

New in version 2.0:
Added Easy/Hard Play Mode

  • Easy Mode: You can drop 2 bombs per level (a bucket will be removed after each drop). If you drop a 3 bomb on the same level, your game is over.
  • Easy Mode: If you complete the level, the buckets you lost will be returned at the beginning of the next level.
  • Hard Mode: If you drop a bomb, your game is over.
  • View your Top 10 High Scores for each play mode.

I updated the game with the latest SDKs from Facebook and Google. I was not able to get the AdMob plugin to compile in the Android version (will work on that and publish a revision when I get it fixed) but the iOS version works.

The game is FREE and collects NO data from the user. I just wanted to create a game that all can enjoy. Download it and rate it if you can. Thanks.

iOS Version:

Android Version:

Let me know what you think.

For more info on my game, see my post from June 2016 (Ninja Bomb Drop)

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