New to Unity..Question about accessibility of Beginners Course?

I purchased the Beginners Course recently and am pretty eager to learn Unity and some C#…However, I am concerned I will be totally clueless about the terminology and will be merely imitating what is being conveyed through the lecture course.

I’ve watched some tutorials to get a feel for what I will be doing in Unity and while I begin to grasp the initial concepts, they quickly become complex and I feel a bit lost watching them. I really have no programming experience at all except for some rudimentary Expression use in After Effects, so I am wondering if there is some advice or resources I could consult prior so that I really hit the ground running with the course.

My goal is to have a strong foundation/understanding of Unity so that I can begin development in 2D, and work my way up from there.

Any shared experiences or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time in advance!

Hi Baz,

Our Unity courses for beginners cater to beginners with no experience in programming. The only prior knowledge you need is how to switch on your computer, how to use your keyboard and mouse, how to install programs and so on. Since you are familiar with After Effects, which is a fairly complex piece of software, and did some programming in it, you are well prepared. :slight_smile:

In the beginner courses, our instructors explain everything in detail and apply immediately what they taught. They do the same things in various projects, for example, moving a game object. Even if you don’t grasp every single detail or forget the specific code after a few minutes, it is very likely that you’ll eventually learn it because you encounter topics multiple times in different contexts. The focus is on making a few games containing common concepts which will hopefully be helpful when you make your own games. Our courses are not academic (except for the maths course maybe).

My advice is to simply start with the 2D course. If you get stuck for some reason, check the forum for solutions. In most cases, other students had the same problems and questions as you. And if you cannot find any solution or answer, feel free to ask here. We are an active community. There are many students who enjoy sharing their knowledge, and we also have teaching assistants (for example, me) helping out with the content of the courses.

Did this help? :slight_smile:

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