Network server returning null

Im getting no data when hosting games, and this is causing the player prefab to not spawn, or the map to not generate at all, ive been checking the lectures and the code seems to be the same, so im completly unaware of whats happening here

Hi there, sorry you are having trouble. Did you set everything up on the UGS dashboard correctly, are you able to if the relay is being used?

What are you trying to show in the screenshot here?

Hey there!

Yeah i had everything setup correctly and it was working well for some time, but then i was adding some custom data to dadd customizable characters for the players and after that nothing worked again.

With the screenshot i want to show that the user is entering the server, is calling the change of scene and everything but when requesting the data, its finding nothing and therefore returning null to the server and clients that are trying to get the users ndata.

I also printed the authID to confirm that the data is being sent and received, but apperantly authIdToUserData dictionary is not giving me anything.

Thanks for the response

What custom data did you add? Perhaps there is an error on the server side when trying to serialize the data?

Im using extra strings to validate players’s vehicle, color, since i want to have a character selection on my version, and im currently sending these values to validate them on the client side

Hmm, perhaps give the new strings a default value when setting up the user data?
If you comment out the new values you added, does it work again?

Just to confirm, you are hosting a game locally and using the relay to have another player connect?

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