My version of block breaker

hi i just finished my block breaker game with some extensions

  • add three lives before you die
  • ball can be changed through the store ( actually it’s not store for now because every thing is free )
  • peddle can be changed through store
  • the items in the store are scroll-able
  • new transition between levels
  • instruction before start first level

the like

hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Great fun, good job. I love the lives system and ball choice idea.

note: You missed a T in About Me.

Very nice game! I like the style of everything, even the laugh when we die :joy:
let me ask you, did you set the ball collision mode to constinuous or it is discrete?

ohh yes thanks for noting that.

do you mean the physics material of the ball ?

if you mean it so yes I put the bounciness to 1

No, the rigid body collision detection mode

ohh yeah I used discrete

Oh, try using continuous, discrete just updates the collision detection once per frame, continuous detects it even between frames. You get some strange behaves if you keep it at discrete, such as the ball passing through the paddle without touch in some situations

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Thank you for pointing this , :blush:

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

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Why can’t i get this game to work

Create a thread with the info regarding the problem that you are facing so the people here can try to help you

I taken your advice thank you. Wouldn’t let me do it before as im new here. I still can’t view anyone games