Haivng trouble uploading and viewing games to gamebucket via webgl

So I built my game to webgl and it gave me two folders (Release and TemplateData) and one index.html file. I zipped it up and tried to put it in gamebucket but I get an error parsing response (internal server error). Any suggestion on how to fix this?

Also I can’t view games from other users. When I click on the link I get a error 500 internal error. Any ideas or suggestions?

With a 500 internal error the good folks here may need more info. What browsers have you tried to view other people’s on.

Do you have AV software. For instance some AV software causes this error with plugins on Firefox occasionally.

Have you ever viewed any successfully? In webgl on this site.

This is the error I get when I try and view other gamebucket links on this site…

This is viewed in mozilla and Its the same problem in google chrome, microsoft edge and internet explorer. I only just joined this site so I yet to view any games apart from the ones on the google store and one from a user called Peter_Mehlmann as it looks like he hosted it on his own site. I don’t recall using any AV software

OK well with that info it looks for like you, your router, firewall has an issue with game bucket . Maybe worth rasing this officialy with them? Sorry I can’t help :frowning:

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Hi @MurrayCS,

I’ve just tested a couple of other members games and they look to be generating the same error message also.

It’s an issue at the GameDev.tv end - Ben has been made aware of this and hopefully will be able to resolve shortly. :slight_smile:

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Relieved to hear that its not just me with the problem but obviously wished I didn’t have this problem. Thanks for the reply.

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I will let you.know when it’s sorted so you can try your game again :slight_smile:


Hi @MurrayCS, just providing the update I mentioned I would. Ben has just made an announcement regarding GameBucket.io - you can check it out here.


Thanks for that. Im going to check it right now

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More than welcome :slight_smile:

New uploads to GameBucket should now work, but old games may need to be re-uploaded.

Still consider itch.ionas a backup, and we’ll look for another simple solution.

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I posted on the Disqus comments feature of the CompleteUnityDeveloper.com website only last night Ben pointing people to your Latest July Announcement regarding GameBucket.io - may need to provide an update there also.

Be good to.maybe move that into the forums at some point…

That is the medium-term plan. However at the moment itch.io is much better than going back it so we suggest using that. By the way you can now upload again bucket however the previous games are currently lost.

Hi @Ben, with regards to the medium-term plan do you mean updating/replacing GameBucket.io or did you mean replacing the Disqus commenting to point to the forums here?

I mean providing a way of embedding HTML 5 games in this forum, which we’re definitely keeping.

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Gotcha… :slight_smile: