My Time at the course

Hello, its been a pleasure to make the course, These are the results:

I wanted to ask if theres any documentation or if theres anywhere to go from here, and develop even more the skills explained

Anyway, thank you very much for the course, these sounded alien to me before this

Nice stuff :slight_smile:!
My hope is you now have the basics down and can piece together how to create new or enhanced versions of these effects with your knowledge.

Some examples that I just made this week that are based on the same stuff we did here are to create:

  1. a “hologram” shader by combining scrolling UVs and tinting the base map with procedural lines.
  2. a shader that creates a dynamic circle with a border around an image for a minimap
  3. I reused the wind shader for leaves on a tree

the possibilities are endless!
From time to time you can see some shaders on my YouTube channel. I also highly recommend Ben Cloward - YouTube

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Thank you very much for the answer, yeah i´ve been following you for a while and i love your Unity stuff, for the course content its been easier to see patterns in these kind of stuff

i could say that this course had seriously changed the way my master final work looked has dramatycally changed

best regards from here and ill keep consuming your stuff, thanks a bunch

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That is great to hear!
If you wanted to take your water shader to the next level, Ben’s last 2 videos covered a Water Caustics decal shader that looks really nice as well :slight_smile:

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