My take on spooky corridor

I was experimenting with displacement on textures which, I think, gave a nice touch to the walls and door.
Also tried to use things I’ve learned from Blender Guru donut on that leak on barrel near door but I am not fully satisfied with that effect.


green blob:
Did you use emission?
Add at that location a point lamp, green color, which gives a nice green glow (be subtle).

To get inspired see my solution:

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Oh boy, that was quite educational journey for me.
Thank you FedPete for suggestion, I was using emission as you said but now I’ve added point lamp with power about 70mW.
I’ve learned a lot doing this corridor. Most important thing i had learned is to save your project often. Bit sad but didn’t save yesterday and lost all progress just after scaling the corridor cube.

Here’s the render:

I will come back to this project as i don’t like shape of the toxic blob and how all the walls looks wet.
I might add in the future when i’ll learn how to do that some cowebs in the corners.
Other thing i would like to do is flip the barrel so the spileage is bigger and add some person in hazmat suit running away to the other room.

Also i played with the lights and made this:

Still can’t decide if it looks better or worse.


Both look good. But they have a different atmosphere (feel).
The last one is more danger and excitement.
I think the blob is too strong in light. The glow is good (reflections), but the blob has no shape (looks flat).

Great project!