My space shooter: Uranus Blaster

Check out the shooter I made for section 6:

It’s pretty much how it was done in the course but with a bunch of extra polishing:

  • Intro text & animations
  • Three different kinds of enemy formations
  • Enemies blink when they take damage
  • More audio effects

Hi @Coderline,

I enjoyed playing your game, very nice… and a catchy/intriguing title!

The different formations are really nice, keeps it more interesting.

Spotted a typo in your scrolling intro text, you have “inviding” instead of “invading” :slight_smile:

Nice work - just need more lives now so I can play for longer :slight_smile:


nice customization of the game. I really like the background, letters, the introduction with the text, etc…
You made something important, to define a history and give some sense to the game. Nice one! :smiley:

A bit difficult to beat the third wave though :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked it, really dynamic.


Thanks for catching the typo! English is not my native language so I tend to write words wrong and not even realize I made an error.

And the third wave is supposed to be hard, so it seems like I achieved what I tried to do! Thank you for playing :slight_smile: It made my day: now I can say someone has actually played the games I make.

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It was a pleasure. :slight_smile:

Nice game @Coderline, I really liked the art that you used on the menu and everything else. Everything is great, the only thing that I don`t liked is the fact that you have to see the intro everytime that you want to play the level again, you could add the option to restart without the intro once the player dies.

Keep up the awesome work! =D

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@Joao_Dalvi Thanks for the feedback! That’s a good idea.

To be honest, the playability is not my priority number one. My goal is to build a portfolio showing my programming skills and which game engines I can use. I know there’s lots of little gameplay tweaks which I could implement, but I don’t think it’s very productive to use so much time polishing a game which will be just one little piece in my final portfolio.

I’m quite happy with the level I achieved. Although there’s some tweaking I could do the game doesn’t feel unfinished.

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