My prefab options in the inspector are different

prefab%201 !

This is what it looks like on Rick’s screen


This is what it looks like on my screen.

I’ve been working around it but as projects get bigger not being able to easily update my prefabs will be a big headache. Did I change a setting or is this an update or something?

Version difference I bet

Hi Zoe,

@Bryant_Schaper is probably right. Please make that you did not install an earlier version of Unity than Rick. A new prefab system was implemented in Unity 2018.3.

I had the same confusion as I was using Unity 2019. The Apply button has been moved under the Overrides drop down:


That will apply your changes from the object in your scene to the prefab.

It looks like this new system allows greater control over exactly which changes you want to apply back to the prefab (as you can select each change and choose to apply or not).

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