My Potential Solutions

1. Server Dictates All – Client updates location based on server location


  • Lag locally on the client (needs to wait for input to make a full circle to the server and back)
  • Client might potentially have a poor connection and some inputs get missed entirely

2. Client notifies server of location (I think this is commonly how multiplayer games work?)


  • What changes when they don’t match? One will experience rubber banding.
  • Potentially a large amount of data would need to be passed

3. All clients have authority over their own location


  • The “server” will have a harder time checking for valid inputs
  • A client with a bad connection will look bad everywhere else
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Unreal has a documentation of how they do it. (or at least used to do it) Like you said, it’s number 2. The server is still authoritative, and the client performs subtle adjustments constantly.

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