My Orc

Finished this from the Blender Character Course a bit longer than a month ago. Really happy with how it turned out. :smiley:


Oh my, that animation is amazing! Well done!


:star_struck: Superb animation…Loved it.


Great ground shake with each footstep!

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I can hear this gif out loud.
Speaking of, what did you use to make this gif?

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Hmm, I can’t say for exact, did this a couple months ago. I reckon it might have been EZgif mate.

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Feels heavy, The screenshake realy sells it !

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the way his arms and legs move is so

Awesome… i love the movement of camera for the effect. :clap: :clap:

Thanks for all the love guys! Really happy you like it.

I remember seeing the screen shake on Grant’s clip he used on his YouTube and knew then I had to do the same to mine :smiley:

Great job!!!

That’s amazing, like everyone else I like the way the ground and camera shakes with each step. Great Job. :slight_smile:

Animation, Camara shake… I can almost hear this Orc! Add sound and it even could be used in a professional game or movie!

Aha really glad you all like it! The shake of the camera really does make it

It’s a great animation and an example of a GIF done right which I’ve highlighted in discussion elsewhere on this site.

I’d like to see a light, high and front facing, slightly off to one side, like a moon, to highlight some of the details.

Great work. Well done.


Dude that’s an amazing animation. Really smooth moments, the heaviness in his stomps, contributed to by the camera, the nice lighting. Fantastic job!

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