My OnlineSubSystem is still NULL And cannot enable Steam!



I just follow on 59. Enabling The Steam OSS Lecture.
but my result log show OnlineSubSystem is NULL
and every Steamworks are failed!!!

I’ve done on 3 step follow the Instructor
1.Enable “Online Subsystem Steam” plugin in unreal editor.
2.Add “OnlineSubsystemSteam” module in Project.Build.cs file.
3.Add configure in DefaultEngine.ini





But OnlineSubSystem is still NULL

Who have some solution for fix this issue
please guide me
Thank you


[Solve] When I tried Run Spacewar (SDK as download from Steam). It show error about this


It said “You must be running Steam as installed in your computer first”

And I tried run UE Game again. Then it work!!!

That is solution!!!


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How strange. Was Steam not running properly perhaps?