My medieval character

Had a lot of fun making all these clothes:
And with the dagger in the hand I have made earlier in this section:


Wow. Is this kind of the standard thing you should be making by this point in the Blender course? I’m doing the Unity course so have no idea what you guys are doing, but I saw this and was super impressed.

I am also doing the Unity course (RPG) and came to a point, where I wanted to make my own characters and maybe later some animal-like enemies like spiders and so on. But I don’t want to be dependent from the stuff in the asset store. So I booked the Blender course, and yes, this is the result of the course. And it is not as difficult as it maybe looks like :wink:
At the moment I am rigging my character so that I can animate him and then he will be my hero in my RPG :slight_smile: And I can make cool stuff like clothes and weapons for him which I can use then for the loot and inventory system. And I have to make the spiders :wink: So - lot of plans…

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Don’t know if this will help much but…

Never rigged it so that’s another story :smile:

Wow, cool! That’s a really fantastic result with so few steps :open_mouth: Thank you for that, that will help me with my spider.

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You inspired me to take the Blender course as well :smile:

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Welcome to our lair :crazy_face:

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