My Mech Has Legs

I have managed to add a pair of legs to my mech that I am pretty happy with and have attached some images for critiques. All renders done in cycles.

It is just possible that this will not end up being a low poly model :rofl:

I have really been enjoying the creation of the mech though and keep coming up with new ideas for it. Looks like I might have found one of my favourite things to make.

Front View:

Rear View:

Low Angle View Showing Full Mech At This Stage:

Close Up Of My Solution To The Feet:

One More With Bob From The Introduction Lectures For Scale:

As always, I would really appreciate any feedback and criticisms, preferably constructive :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

All the best




Thank you very much @Willrun

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That last render is perfect for showing the scale of your mech. Otherwise we would just have to imagine how huge he really is.

BTW, it’s very well done. I’m liking how he’s turned out. :grinning:


Thank you very much @Miss_B for your kind feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look and leave a comment.

Very nice model.

Now. Ask it to lift one leg to walk forward. :grin:

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I’m actually going to try that later on, but I am pretty sure it ain’t going to work. Mechanical design was never my strong suit so I think all the leg joints are backwards :rofl:

I think that I started off badly by putting the hip joint at the front. If it had gone to the rear, I think it might have worked.

If the worst comes to the worst, I am pretty sure I can make it do some squats :rofl:

No worries about it tipping over sideways though, it lives in a world without physics :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi, if you look at references taken from nature. Like an ostrich, you can see thin legs.
Your mech legs are very heavy looking. Less natural.
like there are upside down.
But of course, it is a designer’s choice.
Fine model!

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Good solution imaginary rules of physics!

It is a problem with all the wide spaced legs mechs, they can not walk due to centre of gravity, lift one leg ant the tip over. Closer together human/robot legs can shift the balance a little over the leg still in contact with the ground.


I like it!
What course is this for?

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It is part of the character creator GameDev course but Jim has done a much more detailed high quality version based on the course one. You can search this site for other’s mechs.


Sorry for how long it has taken to reply @FedPete. Been caught up with family stuff :frowning:

Thank you very much as always for your invaluable feedback on this project. I must admit that the legs getting thicker at the bottom was not a specific design choice but more a simple solution to trying to attach lower legs to already spindly upper legs without having to redo the top parts. Didn’t really notice it looked unnatural at the time but now that you have pointed it out, I can’t unsee it :rofl:

I will probably leave it as it is as I do like the look personally but it just reinforces that I really need to make use of reference images, something that I am really bad at doing. tend to get the start of an idea in my head and concentrate on that without stepping back and looking at the whole picture or references.

Thanks again, I really appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks again @NP5.

After your previous messages and my altered physics cop-out answer, I have redesigned the mech slightly to have wider feet to be more stable and also incorporated ball joints at the hips and ankles to allow some left to right sway.

If I can get it animated as some point, I may be able to get the centre of gravity far enough over to look at least slightly balanced. If not, the broken physics will be the official answer :rofl:

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Thank you very much for your feedback @SlipperyTuna. @NP5 is correct. I have definitely gone overboard with this but wanted to try and push myself while mostly staying within the bounds of what has already been covered in the course. It’s mostly loop cuts, bevels and extrusions with some boolean operations here and there.


Yes, I think you’ve found something that clearly you have a passion for, this is quite rare, which makes you lucky, cool xxx jess The mech designs are wonderful, I enjoyed making mechs on my course, box modelling is addictive and it’s also a powerful tool/skill to master, well done! xxx jess


Thank you @jessbernstein for your comments. I have definitely discovered something I am passionate about but need to make sure I don’t burn myself out with it. I have a nasty habit of doing something constantly without a break until I discover that I can’t face opening the app again for ages.

I have forced myself to slow down for a bit so that doesn’t happen again but am still working away in the background. Hopefully have an update to post here shortly :slight_smile: