My learning journey with Blender 2.8

Meanwhile, I like Blender 2.8 better and I keep exercising on my own and watching some tuts here.

Today I start with a house.



left side: Low Poly
right side: with Subsurf and Bevel Modifier


Glass seems to be more difficult in Blender 2.8…;((






Nice work. Well done :slight_smile:

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Thank you Filip. :slight_smile:

Today I have added some lights and modeled the railings and the lampposts again…


Experiments with light, light cones (spotlights). Unfortunately, there is no casting shadow, hope I can fix this.


Very impressive progress. some things really look like something you could see in a game or even in real life. I like the swords.

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Thank you Iri for your encouraging comment. :slight_smile:

another bridge…

The topic is very interesting because you can experiment and improve your modeling skills. Boolean modifiers and some other cool stuff.

Thanks that I have a few days holidays and time to model. :wink: :smile: So I could work hard to improve my blender skills.

“House” on the bridge

Add lightings to the different parts of the architecture. The house becomes a blue color. The lights of the lampposts are maybe a little bit disturbing because the light shapes look like paint and not like light but nevertheless I like it that way.

The scene without lamp lights as a screenshot of the modeling situation.


The plane becomes water with reflection.



I have spend some time on modeling the environment in a sketchy way.


working at the lights and atmosphere, quite happy with the result. :blush:


more details in the background

I find it difficult to model a house with light inside…

There is light coming out of the house nearby the plane for no reason why.


I have tried to fix the light problems and played with some possibilities. I have found it important to increase exponent and reduce clipping start.


same in cycles / only screenshot



Wow! Great looking bridge! :wink:

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Thanks capa! :slight_smile: :wink:

Today I have experimented with volumetric lights, a bit difficult, but it makes so much fun. :smile: :wink:



Densety 0.1 and 0,01 in comparison.


Makes me wonder why the default Density comes so high

That makes me also wonder. Maybe it will make sense when the scene is very large…

Light and render tests

Cycles and eevee in comparison

First Eevee:

33 secs_ 2048 px cascade size_ hight bilddepth_soft shadows

Second Cycles:
35 samples_ took more than 4 min 45secs to render…Seed 2. But it was okay. The laptop got only a little bit hot.

Because I work with an I3 I prefer using Eevee. But now I want to experiment with Cycles on a simple level, that doesn’t “hurt” my laptop. And I find it interesting to see what Cycles does with the scene.

Tests with materials… huh, very difficult, maybe it is because my laptop has difficulties with the keyboard and switches unexpectedly the capslock buttom. I have to exercise a lot… In B 2.79 I haven´t got so many problems…

///// made further adjustements to fix texture problems. I have made some textures local, that helped a bit, rotated and scaled them in the uv editor., especially the small front of the table.


Watched the lecture about displacement, I found it difficult…


Doesn´t look better… in this case I used additionally displacement in the material output node. In the vid Michael doesn´t use it.


Next Try

Now Suzanne looks so much better, but I can´t definitely say what went wrong in the first pic.

Back to the mayan pyramid. Glad that I have an end result.


Today with environment! It was a hard learning process and I have worked several hours, but now I am a little bit proud.



Modular building structures is a kind of funny thing. I love it really and enjoy experimenting with architecture.


Wow, wow and wow. You do terrific work. Keep it up!

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Thank you, cjconquers for your nice, encouraging comment! :slight_smile:

Experimenting with loopcut smoothness, alt + e, alt + s

The textures are only a mockup to illustrate the look and are not precise.

tower%20test%202 tower%20test%20with%20loop%20cut%20smoothness%20detail%20png


Experimenting with curve > mirror > converting to a mesh >> extrude > shift d > rotate >>> boolean modifier…


Awesome work! I’m impressed!

Thank you Kevin-Brandon_Joseph for your nice comment. I am watching some vids in the courses and on youtube and like to practise the new knowledge on own projects. I am sure that you will also have interesting and great results by doing this.

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I find this bridge scene, very magical, Disney like. Well done!

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I’m working on recreating the Brooklyn Bridge! It’s challenging but it’s really helping me push myself to learn!

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