My Lamp Animation Progress

Alright guys i suck at drawing so ive skipped that concept art but i have a plan in mind and alot of reference material Ill update as i go. and i have gone slightly off track to the lectures for now while i am creating my scene

I am thinking of having mr lamp hopping ddown the road and past a pawn shop and sees another lamp in the window they will turn and look at each other then mr lamp will turn away and hang his shade in disgust and shake his head and wonder off while lamp in window turns and watches him walk away

so here is my pawn shop scene so far let me know what ya think


I’m liking the story line, so look forward to seeing how this progresses, because you’re off to a good start. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, a trash can. Not thought about that!
I had an red mailbox, but it draws to much attention, so I didn’t used it.

Yeah I wanted to put something on the outside so it wasn’t as boring was thinking about a bench aswell maybe also dont know if I want to add strings and bridges to the guitar also thinking about a painting in the window but I dont know if I’d get done for copyright unless I steel a clipart image or see if there are any free images to use :thinking:

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I don’t think, you will build something for commercial use. So “re-use” stuff.
We all do it. There copyright free images, but quality is low or low on variation. And the internet is overloaded with these commercial companies, stealing all links, forcing you to go to their sites.

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Sorry guys a little slow on this one I’m in the process of building my new pc so I have a little delay but I’ll get right on it when my new pc is up and running, thanks for the patience :smile:

New work station is ready to go so let’s get the lamp finished

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Could be a Cycles render project!

Can I invite you to vote for our weekly Blender collaboration project?

You can participate also. The winner of each week, selects a new subject.
After this vote we start again!

I took a bite I have been looking at the collaborations but I don’t think I’m good enough yet maybe once I have completed the course I’ll give it a go

Ha! Nice to see the bowling pin and ball assets reused!

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How is the progress …?

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