My game ideas

Hi I’m Matthias. I am a professsional software engineer, building applications mostly in Java.
In my freetime I started since more than a year with game development, first in Unity since a few months with Unreal Engine, because it just seems to be better graphically.
After following all the Unity courses here, I am now doing the same with Unreal Engine, this is the last one.

I also started my own game recently, mostly I want to create an RPG system (Inventory, Dialogue, Stats, Quests…) like in the Unity course… This would be useable in many different kind of games: singleplayer, session-based or mmo. Some games that jump in mind are: League of Legends, Assassins Creed, World of Warcraft… So I will probably try to combine various elements of these games together in mine.
Furthermore I hope to get more ideas as I go further.

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Welcome to the course. Good luck!

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