My flowchart by the end of the Full Game Loop lesson


Here’s what I came up with.

The same but different.

That’s mine:

my game loop was as follows:
1-look at the answer for the updated game loop
2-instead of a second input, say : " you lose "
3- congratulations, you found out my game loop!!

pioneer-0-basic-terminal-scenario (1)

Here’s mine


I want to add scores to this game. It looks like this:

Didn’t really do anything unique yet.

I love this flowchart! Great job! Flowcharts are your best friend in programming.

This is my complete full game loop lesson for the bull cows game.

Here is my full bullcow game loop :grinning:

Made in

Made some changes and corrections from the previous one

I took a slightly different approach than the given solution, but the flow is basically the same.

I have a little additional user input option to skip or print the game instructions at the beginning because I like to over complicate things.

Initially I was imagining the game progressing through levels with increasing difficulty similar to tripleX. I realized afterward that if this were the case, I’d need a level cap and winning message after final level.