My first time modeling, here's my orc just before retopology

Hey guys!

I’m having a blast doing the course. It’s the first time I really get my hands on a modeling software, and I’m finding it really fun. Here’s my orc:

His boots ended up a little too cowboy, but it was my third take on boots so I didn’t really feel like doing it again.
Cowboy orc it is.

This was my blockout: My first blockout


Badass orc!

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EXCELLENT!! I’m really liking Cowboy Orc. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow! :fire:
literally my initial reaction, Good luck through the course ")
Keep up the amazing work!

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Nice work!

And you know, some kind of Fantasy/Western mashup could be really cool. Your boots might have accidentally created a whole new genre! :boot: :boot: :boot:

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