My first game: The Journey

Here is the link to my game:

It’s very simple right now as there are no graphics in it yet but it’s my very first game, so be kind.


Did anyone check out my game? If so, did you come across any bugs in it?

Hi there.

I noticed that you asked for feedback. I am currently trying out your game so I will throw my notes out as stuff comes out.

I like your reference about the narrow and wide road .

Check the further advice screen second wisdom spelled as “widsom”. (Happens to me a lot)
Like the biblical references.
Found the text colour a little close to the background colour, maybe try using slightly more contrasting colours to help readability.

I like that the idea for your story did not follow the usual adventure theme and there was a life lesson in there about the ultimate cost of not walking God’s path,

The path to follow was a little predictable to me, but being a christian I guess that seeing the danger in the wide path and the easy way comes naturally.

Thank you for making and sharing.

Good luck in your future games.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

When it comes to spellchecking, sometimes I can look over something numerous times and still miss something. It really helps to have someone else look over your work.

Thank you for your suggestions on the color. I do intend to improve on the game as time permits. It is my goal to create better games such as this one that you just can’t find on the market. Most games today are filled with violence which is why we have a problem in our society. By getting feedback from players, it will definitely help me to be able to make the games “exciting” enough for kids to want to play rather than the violent ones. At least that is what I am hoping for.


Hi there.

I know what you mean, we teach our kids to win at all costs, no matter what it costs someone else.

Was reading Matthew 5:1-16 this morning, the beatitudes . It paints a very different picture of how we should live.

If you would like to critique my game, here is the The Captains choice

It is a little short, but I had to finish up to keep learning.

May your day be wonderfully blessed

Wow! You did a good job – I like your game. It’s much better and more thought out than mine. I need to work more on my storylines and my flowcharts. I just get anxious and want to hurry up and complete things.

Be blessed,

I know what you mean, there’s always something awesome to learn around the next corner. It gets me too.

Be blessed

Hi there , just something for you.

I had a discussion with Rob about my game here in which he pointed out many of my mistakes.

Thought maybe this info would be helpful for you.

I could not quite let my game go, so I kept going for a while.

Here is my short but final (for now anyway ) version of The Captains Choice

Let me know what you think.

Be blessed.

Thanks for sharing. I am eventually going to add to my game after I learn more throughout the course. I’m having a few issues with my Block Breaker game – I think I messed up somewhere in the beginning and it’s causing me to keep having issues. I’m not sure exactly what I did now so I’m probably going to just start over on that game.

I like yours – it’s really cool – with graphics and sound effects, it would definitely be a fun game to play, the kind of game I like to play myself – haha!

I showed the game to my husband to check out because he is a big Star Trek fan and he thought it was cool too!


You are really ahead of me at the moment, still doing the number wizard ui.

Guess that is the price of not being able to let go. lol.

Would love to see yor block breaker when it is ready.

To your husband : Star Trek is awesome. Grew up watching TNG, cannot wait for Discovery season 2 and the new Picard series.

Be blessed

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