My Endless jumper Game made with Unity / Bolt

Hey Guys, this is a game i am working on. It’s a “Mega Jump” clone. Your goal is to jump as high as possible without falling down or hit any obstacles. I am still in the early stages, but some of the base functionailty is already there. Almost all of the logic i did in Bolt, which is Unitys official visual scripting tool for now. It’s sort of the equivalent to Unreals Blueprint system.

Any suggestions, ideas and critique is welcome. In later stages i will add obstacles, powerups and refine the overall look, as most of it are placeholders for now. Also the animations will be more character specific and fixed.


Here are a few Screenshots of the project atm.


Looking good!

I don’t have really anything to critique at the moment though - it looks good and fun.


@bOBaN thanks mate :slight_smile:
I’ll keep you up to date about the progress :+1:t2:



I actually have a suggestion :smiley:. That’s probably obvious, but plan your work well, halve the features, double your initial time you planned :sweat_smile:

:crossed_fingers: for successfully completing the game!

Any planned release date?


Not yet, but I assume (if nothing gets in the way), there will be a demo available at the beginning of March :slight_smile:


Working on the Characters :smiley:
Any Animals you’d like to see featured?


Cool ones!

My suggestions:

  • cat
  • dog (or better - a puppy), labrdor or terrier :smiley:
  • panda
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Thanks mate :grin:

Alrighty :grin:, will add them to the list :+1:t2:

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Here’s a Link to for an early Alpha Version :slight_smile:

@bOBaN , @FedPete

Would be great if you could leave some Feedback :smiley:
The animations are still a bit off, and will be replaced with “animal-specific” ones. The Ui is more of a placeholder atm. as well.


I try! Give me some time.


@FedPete i Hope the windows Version works, was only able to test the Mac version :grin:

The Highscore shield is clickable. To move left right use the arrow keys and to jump press space. Forgot to add that :joy:

Every aspect of this game so far is looking great :smiley:

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I will also try! just need some time… this week is busy :sweat_smile:


I downloaded it and running on Win 7 Pro 64bits. No problems.

In my daily work I do a lot User Interface design stuff.
So maybe my comments are a bit harsh, or you already know it (because its in Alpha phase).
The visuals as a beauty! :+1:

  • I don’t know the game mechanics, so it’s difficult to say what I can do as a user. Maybe let him in idle stand (so now and then) trying to grab the coin above him. As a hint for the player and show ‘spacebar’. You do have a nice “ready for jump pose” but it’s too subtle at first glance.
  • No indications of which keys to press.
  • Walking off the floor and coming back to the other side is a bit of a cheap programming trick. I would expect a different level to play. Or just stop.
  • As you said, the high score isn’t seen as clickable, but you can as you explained. Only by accident, hovering by mouse. But how on mobile? no mouse hover.
  • The high score design, looks like a portal to walk through. As in starting a game. (my first keypress was cursor up.
  • I had difficulties closing the high score table. Because when you click, you look where you clicked and I didn’t notice the status change of the blue button. Just use an ‘X’ to close the high score window. And don’t show those three buttons in the top score mode.
  • Because I didn’t know the game and press space bar as a way to move the puppet. I didn’t do anything else. I got 11 coins, with a score of 43 as I believe. The puppet drops down. Ready for the next jump. But then there nothing to jump to!
    • The lowest level is cleared and unplayable. Leaving me as a player in the backward position what to do next?
    • Better to replace the green start button until the coins are unreachable. As my first experience, show it and say, sorry try again? Because I did not know I had lost. I was anxious to press the spacebar again. It jumps but into nothing. (try to keep the player in the mood, now he needs to press a button, while a better experience is to use the spacebar to restart the game)
    • Or give more starting coins columns in the beginning. Maybe to find the best path? But certainly to avoid that a player lost immediately at first stupid try (like me)…
    • Maybe as a game mechanic throw his caught coins in the air to build a path for the next try … it cost you some coins, lowering your score …
  • I see a part of a slot machine in the shop. There are laws that forbid gambling in games.
  • left column has a coin shadow, but it is rotating faster than the first one. And the second is very slow.
  • The blue glowing stone, looks like an interactive object (clickable).
  • FAQ and Credits don’t work. Test SFX? Better to play the Effects sound when dragging the effects slider. Then no test effect button needed. Fewer buttons, simpler user interface.
  • At the cogwheel, to adjust your sounds, maybe adjust the keyboard keys also? A nice moment to explain the move keys.
  • It’s a better experience to use the upper key also. because your hand is also at the left-right keys.
  • The puppet fall sequence is abrupt. I would expect a nice landing and a next try with the space bar.
  • maybe clear high score option when playing with a friend. Or having a game for two friends…
  • maybe an Option to play full screen.

The gameplay is smooth
Good control of left and right
Very, very nice graphic design.
Music and SFX are enjoyable …


Thanks mate, for the honest and really valuable feedback. I am happy you made it very detailed, so I can really focus on what I have to change out of the players perspective :smiley:
And I agree, the UI is really a weak thing atm. :joy:
But I will try to improve it :slight_smile:

Thanks again :+1:t2:


It’s fun and looks cute :grin:

This is not my usual type of games (and I don’t play mobile games at all), but I can imagine people playing it in buses etc. Obviously it’s early alpha, so not much content there… but I think there is something about it that might be even addictive to some people (the easy to get into, hard to master thing).

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That’s what I am hoping for :grin::+1:t2:

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