My character is done! (took 3 months) and I sent it to Unreal

After three months, my character is done! I have imported it in unreal with the more complex rigify rig and it works really well! Now, keep in mind that I’m actually a programmer that used to do some 3D for fun a long time ago (my character looks a little bit… weird XD). Just wanted to share the result:


Great effort.
And yes, understanding Blender, and understanding Unity can take a long time.
Now you know the process.
Well done!

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Looks great and your got it into Unity with the rig.
Perhaps you could haunt the forum and help out those that have difficulty with this. Was someone only recently. Knowing both and their interaction is handy, Many if not most here tend not to do much with game engines.

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Actually, I sent it to Unreal. The two following link pretty much gave me all the info I needed:


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