My Building Escape after Using Accessors & Memory Layout lecture

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In this lecture, we discuss permanent, stack, and heap memory. We also create a new Release function which will be called after releasing the given key.

VS code-

C file-

C++ file-

Created a new function, Release here and calling it after RMB release

UE Editor-

After pressing RMB-

After releasing RMB-

After I release RMB, I get “Grabber Released!”.

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P.S. - I was searching about stack and heap more. I found a YouTube channel stealing your content and putting it on YouTube. This is not good, you guys are putting in so much effort in making these courses and selling them at affordable rates.

This is the channel: Creative Learning - YouTube

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How do you feel about stack and heap memory?

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Nice! I’ve clearly understood stack and heap memory.

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