My Building Escape after Getting An Actor’s Transform lecture

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In this lecture we get an object’s Transform(it’s location, scale, and rotation).

GetActorLocation() gives the Root Component of the actor, ToString return the string representation of the default format.

Nothing Updated in the Building Escape files and WorldPosition header file.

UE Editor-

Before play-

after play-

VS code-

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P.S. - If you are stuck with anything, just use the unreal engine documentation. Reading and going through the documentation can take up a lot of time but you’ll get the answers to your questions.

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Your P.S is very key and important. Thank you for sharing that. It is so key to truly understand and using Unreal.

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Hello @Kevin-Brandon

Yes, documentation is really helpful with solving our doubts. But sometimes its not enough. Documentation is like a book and we still require a teacher, It’s better to stick with the documentation first and then ask in the Udemy Q&A forums, Community forums, and Discord(Those are the three I use).

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