My Building Escape after Exposing Parameters To The Editor lecture

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In this lecture we talk how to expose parameters to the UE editor, cool right? We set the yaw in the editor. That means we can set different yaw for both the doors.

UE Editor(Before play) -

UE Editor(After play)-

This door is opened at 90.0*.

This door is opened at 70.0*.

This is not because I changed it in the UE Editor, it is because the doors don’t have equal rotation. The door in the room is rotated at 20.0* yaw. so it is 70+20 = 90 yaw.

UE Editor(changing the yaw in the editor)-

UE Editor(after changing the yaw in the editor)-

Look at the details tab and see under open door.

Compare the above screenshot with this-

You can see the difference in it.

VS Code-

c file-

c++ file-

Enjoy the lecture!!

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Awesome work!

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Hello @Kevin-Brandon

Thanks mate! :grinning: :grinning:

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