My Bowling Alley (Blender Render and Cycles Render)

Hello guys,

So, I wanted to share my scene of the Bowling Alley. I added a floor with some wooden texture and a wall to the scene, please let me know your thoughts;

Blender render:

Cycles Render:

Thank you guys!


Nice! @Joao_Dalvi :smiley:

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Thanks @amhadinger, glad you liked it

You’re welcome @Joao_Dalvi

Glad to see a fellow unity student taking the blender course! :smiley:


Yeah! I want to have a good understanding of every aspect of game development =D I believe it will help me become a better programmer or game developer in general. Also, it will allow me to work alone in side projects in my free time (even if I’m already enrolled in a collaborative project, usually programming takes less time than producing the art).

I’m loving the blender course so far by the way, it is very good!


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