My Block Breaker game: Space Hero


I havent shared anything before now, but after wrapping up the block breaker lecture, i thought id tweak my game a little and show it off here.

This is originally the block breaker game, but tweaked and added the following:

  • sprite kit (space theme)
  • spaceship upgrades when you pass level 3 and 5
  • spaceship can shoot unlimited missiles
  • last level is a boss

Play the game at

Here is a screenshot.

Bugs (2)

  • The visual effect (impact) that appears when hitting space enemies appear on random space enemy object and a little out of place at times, Not a major bug, but a little confusing for the player.
  • Space enemies doesnt always get destroyed, when getting hit, but it get registered within the script so you can go on to the next level.

With that being said, the bugs arent major and wont affect your gaming experience so much. I probaly could have fixed them and polished the game more, but i mostly just wanted to get a game out here.

[FIXED] Problem uploading the game to
Problem: wouldnt process the WinRar compressed file, when it yet was under 100mb uncompressed and had an index file as well.
Solution: Thanks to this thread, I found out that doesnt process WinRar or 7zip compression formats well, so by compressing the folder with Windows made it work (could probaly be an good idea to add this to the help/how-to article on this site/ to help others who encounter this as well).

And i must say that the course and the instructors are awesome.

Hope you enjoy the game, cheers guys :slight_smile: