My assassin android v1

Well, the first thing i did was make a quickly sketch of what i wanted, and some overdetailed thing came, so nop, lets do it again, i like to design characters since a kid, and there was a robot… some crazy killing robot, and i quickly sketched it to use it as reference.

and then i tried to make it on blender with then leaded me to some failures, dead ends to be more accurate.

but it came up like this.

YES! there is no head, YES! it was supposed to have a head ( a face… )

still, in the end i really liked doing it, and i will remake it from scratch, with a better character design and ( i hope ) better moddeling skills.


Love it dude! Love the sketch too, my 2D art work sucks but you defiantly have it. LOVE this character and it’s concept.

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thanks, well it was supposed to have a lot more of details… but wow, this one is the 4 attempt, i was modeling by parts, torso, legs, arms then head, but aways got myself in a dead end.

So just like a drawing, is best to make all the character in a more simple way to understand where to go first, just like a stick figure.

I hear ya, a place I like to start now with my characters is using single vertexes and the skin modifier. Helps to get the pose with some nice geometry right at the start, its very fickle tho. I’m working on a character right now called The Horned Warrior. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Really, Really good, i saw the 3d version, the modeling part is exceptional, you should put more textures on him ( the armour )

your character made me remember of the iron bull from dragon age

i am making a game myself, i love doing character and scenarios since a kid, but the 3d was killing me, so a maded a course here were a live, and it was terrible and made me hate 3d even more, lol.
but this course is really good and i am loving it so far, i can give tips on color palhetes and character design but im still terrible with 3d.

anyway good work

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OH one more thing. I’m only guessing to get these images of yours you hit Shift+Z in the editor. Try changeing the Blender Render setting to Cycles Render


Blender Render does some quick renders and Hard shadows but if you throw cycles on with just the default scene here is the difference.

Blender Render

Cycles Render

Give it a try with this model. You may be surprised with the Image you end up getting.

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Also Ty for the complement dude. As I was doing this character I was totally thinking the same thing. Shoot he reminds me a lot like a Qunari from Dragon age ROFL. I totally should throw that texture on. I’m still kind a learning how to do that too. And I haven’t unwrapped anything yet.

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truth be told, i completely forgot about the cycles LOL

Also this is a tip for when you are coloring you characters

Take the character sephirot (ff7) as a example, his colors shows who he is.

i hope this might help you one day.

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Thanks man, colour theory is Very important. It’s always good to have this kind of reference. Thanks so much.

looking foward to see your character with all the textures and finished.

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