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Hi everyone, I hope you are fine.

I have been working on my Unity Multiplayer Project. In this game I use Mirror, and created 3 scenes (Menu_Scene, Lobby_Scene, Game_Scene ). When I start the game game starts with Menu_Scene and this scene I have Network Manager and Main Menu and Main Menu has no Network Identity. After user click the Host button Lobby_Scene opens. In this page I have Canvas With Network Identity component. In here I get this error from the client side; “Could not spawn assetId=3f9e5fbe-e119-1944-3ba8-c43240baeab2 scene=58C09684 netId=2” and game pauses automatically in the clien side just for client side.

I tried to add Canvas which is in Lobby_Scene to Network Manager Registered Spawnable Prefabs.
But it did not work.

Here some ScreenShots from my game to illustrate

Let me know when you need anything else to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hmm your structure is a little different from the course as we only use two scenes.

The errors specifically say that you scene hierarchies don’t match, and that is preventing a scene object from spawning.

I see you are using two editor instances. My first suggestion is to run the Host from a build. I have scene students have issues in the past using editor instances.

Second, if you go to the inspector, there is a menu in the top right where you can change from “normal” to “debug” mode. This should expose the assetIds of objects, and it might help you identify which object is not being spawned successfully. Look through the hierarchies as the scenes load and see if something is off as well. It must be something with a networking identity object as it has a netid.

Do you have network managers in each scene, or just the first seen? Duplicates of the network manager can cause issues.

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