Moving platform not working in UE5

I’ve done the steps and removed my platform and re-added it and it refuses to move. I’ve even done as others suggest and added the BeginPlay() call

    PrimaryActorTick.bCanEverTick = true;

void AMovingPlatform::Tick(float DeltaTime)
    // Pass to base

    FVector location = GetActorLocation();
    location += FVector(15 * DeltaTime, 0, 0);

void AMovingPlatform::BeginPlay()
    // Pass to base

When I exited out of UE I got a bunch of failed to save errors, I rebooted Windows, re-opened the project which didn’t have the mesh, I re-added it and now it works. Not sure what to make of it.

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Hi and welcome to the community.

Our recommendation is don’t use UE5 at this time. It’s not even an Alpha release and even the early access hasn’t been updated for a number of months. The Early Access tends to crash regularly. If you do wish to stick with UE5, you might consider building from source because at least then you’ll have the latest version - and again subject to it being buggy. The UI in the source-code build has changed in places as well so be aware of this.

Use 4.27 and at the end of the section, copy the project and upgrade it and see if it works. You should be ok doing that.

We also don’t know what additional code changes might be required with UE5. Even 4.27 has a number of small changes, particularly the Krazy Karts section.

I hope this helps and good luck with the course.

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